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GRUPO SALCICO is a firm with offices in Mexico City, Houston and Tokyo, whose objective is to help our clients, both in the public and private sectors, to create and build better value and operational efficiency through just in time solutions and / or outsourcing schemes. We are a company with more than 10 years of experience in the market. We offer expertise in purchasing and services to our clients presenting value-added and differentiated proposals, thanks to our mix of products, services and solutions designed to solve their specific requirements.


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Based in Houston, Texas, and dedicated to the distribution of core equipment, pipes/ pipelines, heat exchangers and any additional requirements for oil fields and the industry.

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SALCICO Maintenance

Services Division in charge of the operation, appearance, programs and / or services of physical maintenance (equipment), structural, or operational within the companies.

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SALCICO Logistics

In this business unit we are focused on providing benefits to the purchasing areas of companies, integrating it into a logistics solution with our own means or specialized Courier to reach the end user or where the client specifies.

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Concerned about the Environment, we focus on providing sustainable solutions that help our business partners improve their environmental impact and carbon footprint through technologies that work

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SALCICO Supplies

Unit in charge of generating solutions to our business partners as an extension arm of their purchasing areas or new projects regarding budgets or any type of industrial or commercial need non core business under Outsourcing and Just in Time schemes of any type of need.

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Concerned about the healthy return to activities and the new normal Salcico offers services and products suitable to meet the expectations, standards and requirements of our customers.


Our Clients World Wide

Bildpress involves generating better data that our software can convert.