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Unit in charge of generating solutions to our business partners as an extension arm of their purchasing areas or new projects regarding budgets or any type of industrial or commercial need non core business under Outsourcing and Just in Time schemes of any type of need.


We offer

• Office Support: We support with the supply of stationery supplies, cleaning supplies, hygienic supplies, various ecological products, computer equipment, consumables, promotional items, stands, office equipment, institutional printing, organization and catering for events, others.
• Coffee Break: We offer our clients a wide range of products for their executive meetings and their day-to-day in offices.
• Industrial Safety and Hygiene: Because we know that the integral safety of your collaborators is important, we also supply these products for their day-to-day management.
• Security Systems: We provide technological devices that will allow you, your collaborators, your assets and your family to feel calm and secure in their workstations, or else in their homes. All this with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge trends in the market today.

• Road safety solutions: We have state-of-the-art technology in all types of booms and road crossing systems, and unit immobilization solutions, among other things.
• Purchasing outsourcing: We help corporations to manage those special purchases, which are not part of their core business, helping them to generate operational or economic benefits for the company. In these purchases, the factors of delivery times or presentation of various alternatives to improve current conditions are recurrent, always seeking added value for the company.

We have supported purchases of:

  • Medicines and medical equipment
  • Corporate and industrial uniforms
  • Vertical and horizontal signage with a high degree of engineering
  • Delivery or distribution team
  • Furniture and office equipment
  • Print or promotional media
  • Brand or project activation campaigns
  • End of the year gift shopping
  • Purchase of IT and peripherals
  • Parts or special equipment
  • Fiber optic installation solutions

•Services: 100% technological solutions that will help companies manage their budgets, projects and other objectives in an efficient and targeted manner in real time, working with true information at ONE CLICK ON TIME in what management indicators represent thanks to our alliances. strategies with business partners.
• System for the preparation of payment documents and work follow-up: Financial advances, Real vs. programmed comparison, Physical audit, Concentration of Estimates, Follow-up of Estimates.
• Incident/initiative compliance system: Tailor-made Management Indicators, staff attendance control, asset control
• Administration of local, national or international purchases: Management Indicators tailored,
• Accessibility projects and inclusive games