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Services Division in charge of the operation, appearance, programs and/or services of physical maintenance (equipment), structural, or operational within the companies, focused on complying with the service level agreements (SLA) established in conjunction with the clients seeking optimize and make efficient the resources allocated for said management, giving continuity to the functions and activities of the contracted areas. In this Services Division we focus on various points such as: Scheduled preventive maintenance: Those that are carried out in a timely manner according to an established service schedule regardless of whether or not an incident has occurred. Maintenance in use or daily: It is the basic one that is given on site and to the equipment such as a retightening of nuts, cleaning, lubrication, etc. Immediate or minor corrective maintenance: These are those that are resolved at the time the faults occur with the means available on the spot and incur extra expense. Deferred or major corrective maintenance: They are those that at the time of presentation, have to stop the operation of the equipment or service in the area where it is presented to review the best repair alternative requesting the support of other areas and even special resources to that end.

some of

our projects

Mantenimiento 2

We are leaders in the laying and immersion of fiber optics

Certified installation of more than 10,000 kilometers on the ground and in the air of single mode fiber with more than 240,000 fusions


Extensive experience in surveillance equipment

Implementation of the CCTV network in 400 buildings with more than 7,000 cameras in the Mexican national territory

mantenimiento Metro

Collective transportation system network

Cleaning and general maintenance of the collective transport system.