• Salcico Oil and Gas was founded in Houston, Texas, with the goal of expanding within the United States, Mexico and the rest of the markets focused on developing commercial activities in the oil, gas and petrochemical segments. Salcico LLC has the expertise in this industry, mainly in the provision and procurement of goods and contracting of services, at a local level as well as internationally.
Salcico Oil

Salcico is currently developing commercial activities with clients and industry leaders in the Latin American market, providing spare parts, material and equipment. Salcico LLC , acquires materials from other manufacturers globally, thus allowing them to offer complete packages that meet the requirements of the clients, even with those unusual or highly specialized technical needs.

  • • Downstream equipment
  • • Upstream equipment
  • • Oil Storage equipment
  • • Parts and spare parts
  • • Engineering services
  • • Maintenance services
Salcico Oil Salcico Oil

Products we offer:

  • Pipes: Tubes without welding and welded to different grades and sizes. Coming from different origins, depending on customer/client requirements, we can also supply carbon steel tubes, stainless steel, fiberglass, as well as special alloys.
  • Valves: We supply different brands and types of valves depending on the customer’s request. Manufactured and supplied in different materials and sizes.
  • Flanges and connectors: Products of the highest quality and brand, in a variety of sizes ranging from ½” a 48”.
  • Distribution of plates, tubes, wire and structural material: In different metals, including copper alloys, bronze, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys.
  • Mud pumps, drilling equipment, BOP’s.
  • Cementing, Fracture Equipment, Pumping Units, Flexible Pipe Units, Steel Line Units, Log Units, Pressure Control Equipment, Production Tools. (Logging Tools).
  • Pumps: We supply different types of pumps, including reciprocating, centrifugal and fire protection pumps.
  • Manufacture of industrial equipment: Heat exchangers, air coolers, pressure tanks, etc.
  • Fire fighting systems and equipment.
  • Machining of parts in the USA and in Latin America.

Offices, distributors and technical support
  • - Houston, Tx, USA
  • - Ciudad de México, México
  • - Villa Hermosa, México
  • - Bogotá, Colombia.
Our experience in: Supply Strategy and distribution of equipment and parts. Experience in the supply of parts at an international level, as well as deliveries to different destinations. Strategic alliance with the largest distributor of inventories in the USA, with the largest volume of pipes made in the USA and inventory in Eastern Europe, with diameters ranging from ½” to 48”, including connections and valves, also offering metal plates in carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex and special alloys, with almost immediate delivery.
Salcico Oil Salcico Oil Salcico Oil