• Service Division responsible for the operation, appearance, programs and / or services of physical (equipment), structural or operational maintenance within the companies, focused on meeting the agreements in service levels (SLA) established together with the customers seeking to optimize and improve the efficiency in the resources assigned for said management, as well as giving continuity to the functions and activities of the areas contracted. In this Service Division we focus on several points, such as:

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance:  Those that are carried out in a timely manner according to an established service schedule, regardless of whether an incident has or has not occurred.
  • Maintenance in usage or daily: This is the basic one given on site and to the equipment, such as the tightening of bolts, nuts, screws, cleaning, lubrication, etc.
  • Immediate or minor corrective maintenance: Are those that are resolved at the moment of failure with the means available on the spot and incur in extra expenses.
  • Deferred or major corrective maintenance: Are those that at the moment of appearing, must perform a stoppage of the operation of the equipment or service in the area where it occurs, to review the best repair alternative thereby requesting support from other areas and even special resources for that purpose.

Some of our Projects

We are leaders in the laying and immersing of optic fiber

Installation certified for more than 10 thousand kilometers of single-mode fibers by land and air with more than 240 thousand fusions.

Extensive experience in surveillance equipment

Operational start-up of CCTV network in 400 buildings with more than 7,000 cameras throughout Mexico.

Public transportation network

Cleaning and general maintenance of the public transportation system.

Areas of application in companies

  1. 1. General cleaning (supply and /or materials, chemicals, cleaning tools, sanitary products, others and personnel provided)
  2. 2. Gardening and heights (supply of materials and/or personnel provided).
  3. 3. General paint (Specialized, 100% Ecological, Basic and /or personnel provided).
  4. 4. General electrical maintenance, emergency plants, UPS, electrical substations and distribution boards, B.F.P (Low Power Factor), transformers, others.
  5. 5. Air-conditioning systems, extraction and ventilation.
  6. 6. Cleaning of sewers/drains, and industrial waste management.
  7. 7. Polishing and waxing of surfaces.
  8. 8. Maintenance and construction of physical structures (offices, industrial buildings, special platforms, elevators, buildings, bridges, urban furniture, others).
  9. 9. Maintenance for all types of Universal Accessibility requirements (tactile guides, Braille texts, marked information, access ramps, areas with no steps, audio information, inclusive games, etc.).
  10. 10. Security solutions for access control, perimeters, biometrics, CCTV, electronic bollards, boom gate access, etc.
  11. 11. Work in optic fibers, geophysical studies, fiber immersion, cabling, engineering, civil engineering works, voice and data maintenance.
  12. 12. Basic maintenance for road infrastructure and communication channels/routes.